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Characters Played Here:

Thea Queen, Kristen Kringle, Luna Lovegood, Radical Edward


Sidney Prescott


Scream film series

From When?

Between Scream 2 and Scream 3

Previous Game(s):


World Description: (Original Characters Only)




Does your character have any close ties to existing canon characters? (Canon OCs and AUs only.)


Why do you think your character would work in this setting?

Sidney accepted Eli's offer since he dangled the one thing she's been seeking for months: a chance to basically start over somewhere that is free of Ghostface. And to be honest she's also pretty intrigued by the idea of starting over in space. The kicker was Eli found her the very night she killed Ghostface for the second time inside about 3 years.

How do you plan to expand their CR?

Once Sidney's past the worst of her Ghostface induced paranoia she'll actually be able to leave the yurt and be social. Having a job will push her in the right direction and once she gains confidence and heals she'll be less of a shadow and more her real self.

What will your character do for work?



2 backpacks of clothes, some books, a handgun (protection only), laptop, journals, some personal items, jewelry


Third-Person Sample:

[It had taken a few days but Sidney did finally leave the yurt. Thankfully having a small mission pushed her out: she needed clothes and to look into a job. Plus if she was being honest she needed pushes back into life, after her video the night before after a massive Ghostface induced nightmare especially. It was like half the town was on her case to do things, to start living again. But let's be real, its easier said than done. Especially after being the target of choice twice inside about three years.

So she was walking the merchant dome while trying to not look over her shoulder every 5 minutes.]

He says I'm safe here, I'm safe here, I'm safe here. I'm safe here.

[Well she's trying to not have a massive panic attack just for a couple of sets of clothes? But she does eventually start to crack under the strain and ducks into what she thinks is an empty building to catch her breath. It turns out she's in the saloon and the panic is only getting worse thanks to the noise and people. So she's out the door again and finds herself in a different part of the merchant dome. Maybe now she can catch her breath and unravel what happened somehow?]

Just breath. Just breath. Just breath. He's not here, he's not here, he's not here. No sign of Ghostface, no sign of Ghostface, no sign of Ghostface. [She's trying to not whimper but by this point she's basically stopped caring. Sidney is too miserable and spooked to consider much else by this point. So cue the mother of all panic attacks and well the sooner she's found and helped the better right? Because if nothing happens soon she's going to pass out.]

First-Person Sample:

http://boomtownmeme.dreamwidth.org/54057.html?thread=10723113#cmt10723113 (Ongoing TDM)


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